Located in Commerce City, CO

Del Mundo Cannabis Grow Facility

All-Organic Facility

We are an all-organic facility, from growing medium and nutrients through pesticides. Plants are grown in a coco-based medium using a salt-based nutrient program as well as beneficial microbes.

All plants are hand-watered and cared for throughout their life, and we focus on providing a clean and healthy facility so the plants can grow to their fullest potential without any pests or other interference.

CDLs for Higher Terpene Content

We use CDL bulbs in both our veg and flower rooms for consistency and quality because we believe the CDLs produce a higher terpene content compared to other light technologies. 

Attention to Detail

Plants are given a week of flush before harvest to ensure as little nutrients are left in the plant as possible. Plants are then slowly dried in a climate-controlled room for around 10 days until they are hand-trimmed and stored in stainless steel, airtight containers for a cure of at least 4 weeks to preserve terpenes and increase potency.

Committed to Quality Control & Testing

We perform standard testing beyond the state requirements to ensure our flower is clean of any contaminants. Further, every single harvest batch is potency tested to ensure the quality of each harvest batch. Harvests are weekly as well to ensure a constant supply of fresh products to our customers.