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The story of Del Mundo Cannabis...

We pride ourselves in carrying premium quality products from all your favorite Colorado vendors with a great selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and smoking accessories. Our friendly staff are trained and educated on all the products we carry and always happy to educate you on items you might be interested in so that you can have a comfortable and enjoyable experience!

Quality Ingredients

We are an all organic facility, from growing medium and nutrients through pesticides. 

Quality Care

Fully flushed before harvest, hand-trimmed and fully cured for potency and flavor.

Quality Flower

Every harvest batch is potency tested to ensure the quality of fresh product to our customers.

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High-Quality Flower available at everyday low prices...

Every batch of Del Mundo flower has been meticuously cared for from the very first day…


Going back to the beginning, the founders of Del Mundo Cannabis made a pledge to themselves never to introduce an outside clone into the facility. This was done for numerous reasons including keeping the cleanliness of the brand new facility in-tact and the ability to pheno hunt every strain we grow. 

Pheno hunting is the process of searching through many plants of a particular variety or strain to find one (a phenotype) with dominant traits desired by the grower. These traits include, but are not limited to color, flavor, smell, and cannabinoid content as well as growth characteristics such as resistance to pests, overall height and average yields.


What this means to the end consumer is the cannabis purchased from Del Mundo Cannabis is different in some way than any other strain available in the Colorado market!


Every plant in the facility is hand-watered to keep a close eye on them throughout their lifecycle. Furthermore, ~80% of the water fed to the plants is recaptured through the HVAC system and filtered using a triple-head filter and UV light technology to re-use in the facility. Plants are grown in coco based soil and fabric pots that are sanitized and reused, furthering the sustainability of the grow facility. 
Del Mundo Cannabis is proud to be a pesticide-free facility, utilizing only a combination of citric acid and essential oils to keep our plants pest free. Combined with a full week of clean water flush to ensure the removal of nutrients prior to harvest, these practices help to ensure a clean and enjoyable smoking experience for all.