TasteBudz Rosin Gummies

tastebudz rosin gummies

TasteBudz Rosin Gummies

Solventless cannabis and confections. Intentionally crafted since 2017.

Product Notes

TasteBudz Rosin Gummies come in multiple flavors, strain profiles, and there’s even a CBD option! Flavors include pineapple, blue raspberry, lavender, green apple, kiwi strawberry, lemon citron, tropical punch,  watermelon blast, and assorted.

At TasteBudz, we believe that the key to a premium cannabis experience lies in the careful selection of strains and the art of in-house extraction. Our dedicated team is passionate about crafting exceptional products that capture the true essence of each strain.

Through our meticulous process, we create single-source, solventless extracts that preserve the plant’s natural integrity and unlock the distinctive benefits of every unique strain. We encourage you to pay attention to the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of your favorite strains so that you can make informed choices when selecting future products. At TasteBudz, we strive to provide a cannabis journey that is as enlightening as it is enjoyable.

Solventless | Strain-Specific | Full Spectrum | Minimally Processed | True-to-the-Plant

Tastebudz are featured in the store on Tastebudz Tuesday’s for 25% off and they are our Vendor of the Month for July with a 25% discount all month long! Prices before discounts range from $22-$30 after tax.