ROYGBIV Red – Green Dot Labs Pre-Packaged Flower

ROYGBIV red green dot flower

Green Dot Labs ROYGBIV Red

Intensely flavorful, resin-rich pre-packaged flower.

Product Notes

Palate: Grassy Rainbows

The same delicious, resin-rich flower employed to produce Green Dot Labs Black Label cannabis concentrates can be found in their 21st century hash plants. These plants are carefully crafted with dedication at every phase, ranging from cultivation through an extended, detail-oriented curing process to precise hand trimming, serving as a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence.

About Green Dot Labs Black Label:
Green Dot Labs’ coveted Black Label extracts are grown and extracted at GDL’s state of the art facility in Boulder, CO. With options ranging from connoisseur-grade dabs to pure live resin carts, Black Label products are the only way to experience GDL’s rare and exclusive genetics.