Green Dot Labs Pre-Rolls

green dot pre-rolls

Green Dot Labs Pre-Rolls

1g of expertly grown, perfectly cured, hand-trimmed flower packed in a natural paper cone.

Product Notes

Each Black Label Flower Roll undergoes a thorough, in-house filling and packing process within ideal atmospheric conditions, guaranteeing both freshness and a smooth, consistent burn until the final inhalation. The hermetic, dual-sealed black glass packaging safeguards its quality and moisture levels. Please store it sealed at room temperature for optimal preservation.

About Green Dot Labs Premium Smokeables:
GDL’s new Premium Smokeables make it easier than ever to experience our 21st Century Hashplants in their most essential form. Connoisseur quality meets sesh-ready convenience in the form of carefully packed Rolls that highlight the best of what Green Dot Labs has to offer, produced with the same meticulous care and attention to quality that drive everything we do.